Mar 5, 2009

Good Design, Good Business

Markus Löw, 'Acaralate 2E Geigy', ca. 1967, Photo: Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Umberto Romito © ZHdK

The J. R. Geigy A.G. chemical concern was the starting point for a great moment in the history of Swiss graphic art and advertising. "Research for tomorrow" – the former Basle-based company also lived up to this forward-looking slogan in its communication: its design was intended to increase sales of products "made in Switzerland". The exhibition 'Good Design, Good Business' from 4.2. – 24.5.2009 at the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is the first comprehensive show of this important Swiss contribution to the history of design, presenting works from well-known Swiss designers like Gottfried Honegger, Max Schmid, Herbert Leupin and Karl Gestner. More pictures can be found here at
'Corporate Diversity – Schweizer Grafik und Werbung für Geigy 1940-1970' is the well designed publication accompanying the exhibition, edited by Karin Gimmi, Andres Janser, Barbara Junod, R. Roger Remington and Yvonne Zimmermann. Design by norm.

Karl Gerstner, 'Neocid – eine Schranke dem Hausungeziefer!', Werbeblatt. DE ca. 1953, Armin Hofmann, Luzern

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