Aug 11, 2010

Algernon Belmont

The last few weeks have been quite busy: work, beer, music and last but not least holiday.
But now back again, check out these phenomenal night shots by Algernon Belmont, a London based photographer currently studying a BA in Media and Sociology at Goldsmith University.

"I would describe my work as being heavily influenced by life within the city and the forces living within the confines of the metropolitan landscape has on the individual. I like looking at how individuals express themselves in different ways depending on the social and/or physical surroundings they find themselves in.
I try not to direct the subjects I photograph when shooting them; I want them to express their own understanding of the social world. I want them to ask themselves - How could or should someone react to the moment they find themselves in?
Most of my work is shot at night because I feel a lot of these emotive interactions to the immediate setting are actually heightened because sight is limited to within a certain distance." (

Thx for your email, Algernon! Photographers all over the world, submit a post suggestion to shotspotter {at}

Photographs: © Algernon Belmont

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